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Sports Registration 

North Hanover Township Recreation

If you are interested in registering for one of our recreation sports programs, please read the information below. The North Hanover Township Recreation program is not affiliated with the North Hanover School District or the Military Youth Sports Program. The North Hanover baseball, softball, and soccer fields are located at Green Acres Park next to CB Lamb Elementary School (46 Schoolhouse Road, Jacobstown, NJ 08562). 

Registering for NHT Sports Programs

NHT On-Line Registration:

·     Recreation Basketball: You can register for this NHT recreation sports program on-line using the following link:

·     NBIAA Baseball/Softball: You can register for these NHT recreation sports programs on-line using the following link:

·     Soccer: You can register for this NHT recreation sports program on-line using the following link:

or by completing the a paper registration form and submitting with full payment to the township. You can pick up a registration form. at the Township Municipal Building.

·     Football & Cheerleading: These sports are supported by NHT Recreation, but are run by the Northern Burlington Junior Greyhound Athletic Association - NBJGAA link

Important notes regarding On-line Registration:

1.       Using the on-line registration web site:

a.       Creating an account: When you first use the site, you will need to create an account with your e-mail address. This is how you will receive confirmation of your registration and other important information regarding your child’s participation. You create an account for yourself first and then register additional adults (i.e., spouse) and your children that will be participating. Remember your account information as you can use the same account to register for the other sports programs NHT offers.

b.       Please fill out all of the fields. For many fields you cannot continue on unless the field is completed.

c.       You will be asked to volunteer. Please consider volunteering to assist with the recreation program or by coaching your child’s team. The NHT Recreation sports programs are run completely by volunteers. The more that help out, the better it is for our kids.

2.       Fees:

a.       There are no fees associated with registering adults

b.       For participants, the registration fee being charged ($65) includes both the registration fee ($30) and a uniform deposit fee ($35). If the child has been previously registered and you have already paid the uniform deposit fee for this child, you will be able to remove the uniform deposit fee charge on a subsequent screen. You should receive a ‘promotion code’ from NHT Rec via e-mail that allows you to delete the uniform deposit fee. See below for more information on these fees.

c.       If you register late, you will be charged $25/child. See below for more information on this fee.

d.       If you are a non-resident of North Hanover Township you will be charged a non-resident surcharge of $40/child. See below for more information on this fee.

3.       Payment:

a.       On the registration web site, you can pay by credit card, check, or cash (credit card is preferred). There is no additional charge to pay by credit card. If you pay by check or cash, follow the instructions on the web site. Checks can be mailed or dropped off; cash must be dropped off at the township municipal building.

b.       If you elect to pay by check or cash, your child will not be considered registered until payment is received. Payment not received by the registration close date will be subject to the late fee and the participant will be considered a late registrant. 

Registration Fee

A registration fee of $30 per participant per sport is required for all participants. Non-resident participants must pay an additional fee to participate (see non-resident surcharge information below). 

Non-resident Surcharge Fee

A non-resident surcharge fee of $40 per participant per sport is required in addition to the registration fee for participants who do not reside within North Hanover Township. The recreation sports program is a township subsidized program. Participants who do not reside within the township are allowed and encouraged to participate but must pay the non-resident surcharge.  

Late Fee

If you register after the registration closure date, you will be charged a late fee and your child will be put on a waiting list. Although registered, the child will only be able to participate if there is space available on a team.  You will be notified if you child can be placed on a team. If your child cannot be placed on a team, you will be refunded your fees (see information on the refund policy below). 

Uniform Deposit Fee

The uniform deposit fee is a $35 fee that each participant must pay when they first participate in the recreation sports program. For some sports, the township provides uniforms that need to be returned at the end of the season. If the participant does not return the uniform or returns it in an unusable condition (as determined by the Recreation Committee), the participant’s uniform deposit fee is used to replace the uniform. The participant will be required to pay the uniform deposit fee again the next time they participate. 

The uniform deposit fee ($35) can be requested back from the township when a participant either (1) moves out of the township, or (2) is too old to participate in the recreation sports program (completion of 12th grade). The uniform fee reimbursement must be requested back within 2 months of the participant’s high school graduation. After this time the fee is considered a donation to the township recreation program. To request a uniform deposit fee refund, you can download a uniform deposit fee refund form.  Complete the form and return it to the NHT Recreation Committee at , mailing it, or by dropping it off at the township municipal building. 

Refund Policy

Registration Fee ($30), late fee ($25) and non-resident surcharge fees ($40) are non-refundable fees unless the participant cannot be placed on a team.


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